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Communication Campaign & Launch Event

The happy launch of the new Ewiva brand

Ewiva is a joint venture between Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, aiming to foster and streamline Italy’s adoption of electric mobility.

Such an important and ambitious goal saw us involved in the design of the launch campaign through web and social media communication activities, up to the launch event.

The teaser campaign
The official launch of Ewiva on December 13, 2022, was anticipated by a teasing campaign to intrigue and prepare the public for the orange-colored novelty that would soon land on Italian streets.

The campaign "You Are on the Right Way" led us on the ideal journey, where one can freely drive in a limitless fashion, overcoming barriers to "think big" and "dream the impossible." The underlying message is that no destination is beyond reach with Ewiva.

The campaign was featured on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Launch Event: Happy to Change, Ready to e-Move

The new company's presentation event was held in Rome on December 13, at Via Flaminia 871, the location of Ewiva’s first and largest premium Italian charging station.

The event was conceived and crafted as a round-table discussion on the future of electric mobility, moderated by Maurizio Melis from Italian economy-focused broadcaster Radio 24 - Il Sole 24 Ore with the intervention of Elisabetta Ripa (CEO of Enel X Way) and Elke Temme (SVP Charging and Energy of Volkswagen AG) to showcase the new brand, stemming from the Joint Venture of the two companies.

The company's mission and vision were presented by Federico Caleno (Head of Country Italy of Enel X Way and CEO of Ewiva), and Annamaria Borrega (CFO of Ewiva), both outlining the 7 good reasons we should all be happy to drive electric, complemented by a speech from Luigi Antonio Poggi (Head of Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Communications of Ewiva).

The topics of electric mobility, new technologies, and above all, the desire for change were addressed; closing this news-filled day was an inspirational moment brought by Massimo Temporelli, a science, technology, and innovation communicator delivering a bespoke keynote address.

Want to know more? The event was streamed live on social channels and on ewiva.com. Watch it here: Ewiva launch event.

Event Concept, Design, Organization & Promotion by Mashfrog Creative Solutions in collaboration with ICB Allestimenti.