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JuiceBox. Think outside the Box

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External Communication

Thinking outside the box is an attitude

An attitude to change, characterizing EnelX products and services

Our daily routine is made up of commonplace objects we interact with. These objects refer to concepts and adjectives that help create a vocabulary of our everyday experience, lived "inside the box," within a conventional life.

Innovation transforms this "everyday" and habitual vocabulary: it uses the same concepts and adjectives to write a different story, like "out of the box" storytelling that gives new value and meaning to everyday experiences.

Choose JuiceBox and get out of the box

The commercial launched the new EnelX JuiceBox and announced the award received: thanks to its compact and elegant design, it was awarded the prestigious "Compasso d'Oro" award in 2020, the oldest and most authoritative design award in the world conferred by Italy’s Adi (Association for industrial design).

Easy, connected, simple, smart, daily, and affordable: it’s time to step outside the box and choose JuiceBox.