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Enel X JuiceMedia is the integrated charging infrastructure for tomorrow's advertising

Introducing an innovative product, which makes it possible to simultaneously offer electric charging and multimedia advertising services in a single facility. Here's how we’ve created its launch video!

Juice Media makes consumers' dreams come true while enhancing your business

The narrative focuses on the experience of the end consumer, while highliting the potential of this innovative tool for businesses.

Indeed, the goal of every business is to meet the needs of its customers, and within Juice Media's monitor, passersby and users recharging their electric cars can see tailor-made, targeted content.

Consumers' passions and desires are rendered through Juice Media with passersby becoming protagonists of their favorite advertisement, catapulted inside a tailor-made world.

The story

A man and a woman inside the parking lot of a shopping mall, notice advertisements running on Juice Media.

Intrigued by something that feels so right for them, they begin a frantic race to discover other Juice Media content on all other Juice Media monitors around them. In this exciting quest, they find themselves catapulted into their favorite stores until they discover a shared passion inside a bookstore.