A 10-Year collaboration

with Linkem
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A 10-year-long collaboration

In 2015 we’ve showcased 10 TV commercials as well as about 50 social media videos with more than 20 faces. Lots of effort for lots of fun: that's the story between us and Linkem.

Linkem has always prided itself in featuring well-known faces in its communication assets. From partnerships with sports champions, such as Gregorio Paltrinieri, Tania Cagnotto, and AS Roma football team, to the satyrical TV program “Le Iene”, over the years, these have all been the face of Linkem campaigns that convey a sense of reliability for consumers who are looking to make sense in the vast world of Internet offers.

Video productions are made entirely by Mashfrog Creative Solutions ensuring high quality standards and an end-to-end process from concept to video editing.