The excellence of the greatest Italian Masters
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The excellence of the greatest Italian Masters in video experiences is an immersive online experience that gives everyone the opportunity to learn from Italian and international excellence.

Maestro is a digital environment where you can deepen your passions and skills by participating in a real masterclass held by true and trusted virtuosos like the Italian Masters who are ready to uncover the secrets that make them great.

Arts, music but also culture, cuisine, and sports representing Italy in the world are all embodied in reputable figures who represent the flagship of the Maestro initiative.

Maestro is an aggregator of experiences played out in person by the great Masters, and as such, this format is designed to allow users to listen and enjoy this experience wherever and whenever they want, with the freedom to choose the ideal teacher to suit their quest for knowledge.

It's a long journey where people can discover the main excellences of our territory: Sergio Castellitto for acting, Rossella Brescia for entertainment, Valerio Massimo Manfredi for writing, Gennaro Esposito for cooking, Pedro Cano for painting and many others.

An impactuful identity
The pictogram consists of the letter M, representing and summarizing the word "Maestro". The full stop wants to put an end to the gestural instinctivity and metaphorically represents the goal to be achieved.

Video production with attention to detail

From the mountains to the recording studio, we’ve crafted 2-hour-long masterclasses with painstaking attention to detail and photography. Take a look at the gallery below and discover more on