Love for Internet

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"Love for Internet" is the new Tiscali campaign.

An original, humorous, and upbeat commercial that celebrates the love of the Internet and in just a few seconds gets us jumping out of our chairs and dancing to the tune of Haddaway's "What is love?"


We're ready to dance

Only months after the merger of Tiscali and Linkem Retail, showcasing the new brand positioning with gusto was a challenging project. Tiscali seamlessly combines all modern-day connection technologies, thanks to existing agreements with all wholesale network operators to bring customers the best available service at a fair price


"What is love" and the magic begins

Rome's Eur district was the perfect location to feature two groups of workers who are installing two fiber connections in different areas. Suddenly, an iconic purple Tiscali van pulls up, and inside, a mysterious hand pumps up the volume of the car radio

The magic begins as Haddaway's iconic "What is Love" song blasts from the mighty subwoofers, and both groups of burly workers engage in memorable choreography. First, they challenge each other, like two real hip hop gangs, then, as they’re carried away by the 90s dance hit, both leaders enjoy a veritable pas de deux; only to be later joined by a lone antenna installer who, mesmerized by that wild dance while struggling with the installation of a wireless apparatus for an Internet connection, jumps into the fray and begins to play out his unlikely break dance with them.


The funniest part

Editing was the most fun but also the most difficult part. As we watched the very talented dancers perform over and over again, we truly realized just how much energy they had put into the execution of the choreography, with such details that could escape during the filming. Their expressions were hilarious and spontaneous, so choosing the best ones was really a very hard task